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Attribution: https://unsplash.com/@juliamatuzova
Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/M1Rpo_f0gdI

Tags: Nature, Patterns and Textures,
Resolution(s): 4096 x 6144, 2048 x 3072, 1024 x 1536
Difficulty: 4.0 rated 1 time(s) 1 review(s) Review
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user 1000 very hard

I consider this to be a perfect "very hard." None of it is impossible, but at any given time there's only a few areas of the puzzle that make sense to work on so it stays difficult all throughout.

For me this meant doing the borders and then the two bright leaves, followed by areas of background that had mild color hues that gave their location away. It is a reasonable (though very difficult) puzzle to do without looking at the preview as well. Good luck :D