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Attribution: https://unsplash.com/@nimbus_vulpis
Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/0mpSGW92sNU

Tags: Patterns and Textures, Sky,
Resolution(s): 3888 x 5184, 2048 x 2731, 1024 x 1365
Difficulty: 3.7 rated 3 time(s) 1 review(s) Review
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user 600 too hard

This puzzle doesn't work. The image used has very few distinguishing features beyond the shooting star in the middle, so most of it is trying to differentiate shades of blue and shades of orange. Definitely not for the impatient or the colourblind. I only completed this due to the sunken cost fallacy. With little rhyme or reason to where pieces fit, I cannot reccomend this in truth