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Attribution: https://unsplash.com/@rkatieb
Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/1b9U1AjZWwk

Tags: Street Art,
Resolution(s): 3722 x 2362, 2048 x 1365, 1024 x 683
Difficulty: 1.8 rated 12 time(s) 1 review(s) Review
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user 1000 very hard

Enjoyable but definitely not easy.
If you're not easily frustrated, don't mind sorting the pieces a bit and like perspective puzzles (i.e. color shading and directionality) this is definitely for you!
I'd say at 1000 pieces this puzzle is a 2-phase thing.
1. The pig with bike and the edges + green. Maybe the more strong black lines.
2. The background (Sorting the background by color and 'angle/direction')