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Attribution: https://unsplash.com/@birminghammuseumstrust
Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/a-painting-of-a-woman-with-three-children-UaK3V4F35xQ

Tags: Art, People,
Resolution(s): 3953 x 3194, 2048 x 1655, 1024 x 828
Difficulty: 3.0 rated 1 time(s) 1 review(s) Review
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user 600 hard

The entire skirt section becomes bit of a guessing game because all the colors are so similar and there is little to no texture variation. Surprisingly, the boy's green pants have a lot of pieces that appear brown, adding to the difficulty. The slight variation from the brown of the woman's skirt to the deep red hue of the girl's is challenging but manageable. Hard to do without occasionally looking at the preview and comparing colors. Also easy to mix up fingers, toes, and bends in limbs at this size. This all took be around three or four days to finish on my own and by the end with the skirt, I was just guessing. I would not recommend anything higher then about 550 and even then, that is going to be challenging. The only reason I did not put it in "very hard" is because I think with a group this can be a fun challenge and the image is dynamic enough that there are clear sections by color. There also is texture to the image outside of the darkest sections. I've had much harder puzzles on here that were unpleasant to play so that is what kept it out of "very hard" and "too hard".