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Attribution: https://unsplash.com/@viazavier
Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/zAOBpEE_vV4

Tags: Food, Close-up, Valentine,
Resolution(s): 4096 x 2805, 2048 x 1402, 1024 x 701
Difficulty: 3.3 rated 4 time(s) 1 review(s) Review
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user 1000 too hard

This seems like the type of image someone might pick on Valentine's day. I would cherish the opportunity to be a fly on the wall for the poor couple that attempts this puzzle. Maybe it'll make them stronger? But no, really, this is an obscenely hard image. I don't recommend it trying it at 1000 pc, nor even 600 pc.

Maybe if you're trying to end your relationship, this might be the puzzle for you.

On a more serious note, I attempted this puzzle at 1000 pc and was able to get the pieces of candy along the bottom of the image. The blur almost seemed like it was going to help because it occurs gradually with depth...but alas no it wasn't enough. A blurry piece of yellow or pink has so many places it can go that it really doesn't help that much.